How it all  started...

Everything began in January 2021, in a small kitchen of a house in Leiden. What started as a simple idea, gradually evolved into a catering business, which from May onwards is hosted at a cosy store in the Leiden city centre.


The Eleat is inspired by the Greek cuisine, which unique characteristic is the rich flavour and taste, originating from the variety of ingredients chosen in each dish. The idea on which the Eleat concept is based, is simple: beloved Greek fast food, crepes and handmade pastries, given with high quality chosen ingredients.


This results in great taste and irresistible menu options, suitable for any time of the day and for every food mood!

The Eleat (pronounce: elite) as a name is a word with twofold meaning:

1. El: (acronym stands for "Greek") represents the Greek cuisine &

2. Eat: for "food"

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Eco - friendly packaging

Our planet is suffering from plastic pollution. Industry experts expect that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s ocean. One of our missions to which we commit, is being as environmentally friendly as we can. Keeping this in mind, at Eleat Sandwich & Coffee we pick all of our packaging based on certain criteria.

A coffee cup is usually made of cardboard. However, our cups/salad containers/bags/boxes/straws are all made of biodegradable materials and/or bio ingredients. That being said, the materials used for our packaging are either bio plastic or bio paper (both plant-based) and most importantly are 100% compostable.

We are aware that the environmental problem is not going to be solved by one company or individual alone, but we can all be conscious and take actions to eliminate the impact as much as possible.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

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